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British Jazz

This page deals with research on British Jazz that I’ve just started working on. There are a few discographies of artists who I felt were not well-served elsewhere. I’ll add to the list as my research develops.


Julian Sebothane Bahula
Percussionist who was key to the development of the Malombo style of South African music which combined cow hide drums, electric guitar and flute, he escaped apartheid in South Africa and settled in the UK where he formed a series of bands including Jazz Afrika and Jabula.

Tony Levin
Drummer based in the English Midlands who has played on some of the key records of British jazz over the last fifty years. He is on records led by a who’s who of British jazz: Tubby Hayes, John Taylor, Alan Skidmore, Norma Winstone, Gordon Beck, Neil Ardley, Stan Sulzmann, Ian Carr, John Surman, Elton Dean, Kenny Wheeler, Paul Dunmall, Tony Oxley, Keith Tippett, as well as the co-operative band Mujician.

Dudu Pukwana
Alto sax and piano player who escaped apartheid in South Africa to become part of the vibrant new jazz scene in London. Associated with the Blue Notes, Brothers of Breath, and his own bands Assagai, Spear, and Zila.

Documentaries on British Jazz

Jazz Britannia

I’ve produced an analysis of the three part BBC series Jazz Britannia. You can find some of the reserach material in the following posts:

Interview with Mike Connelly, series co-producer and director of programmes one and three.
Part 1


1. jmvanschouwburg - January 12, 2009

read the Dudu Pukwana disco. There is a Dudu Pukwana group ( Spear) album not listed ; Live in Amsterdam. Someone is selling it in Discogs. I have bought the item in Ray’s Jazz/ Foyles two years ago for some pounds and gave it to one very good friend and collector.
I have ever loved the Blue Notes and the BoB, one of the greatest band of all time.

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