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Music Radio

I’ve always connected music with radio. It was the way I first heard and enjoyed popular music, and I always wanted to work as a music radio presenter. Well, there were far more people better at it than I was, so I’ve studied it ever since. I’ll try to bring together some of my writing on the subject, as well as post drafts of things I’m working one.

Do engage with anything you find of interest. Feedback is very welcome.

Music Programming in College Radio in the USA

If you are interested in US college radio, I’d like to recommend Spinning Indie, a blog devoted to looking at this aspect of radio. The blog is run by Jennifer Waits, who records useful snippets on developments in college radio and US indie music, as well as the start of a series of field trips to stations. She started with WERS, one of my case study stations.

Here’s what seems to be an advanced promo for a television documentary called Natural Soul Brother: The Story Of The Original Black DJs on the African American DJs who transformed radio into music radio in the 1950s and 60s. If the promo is anything to go by it’s well researched, got lots of very good interviews and high production values.


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