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Abstract for Symposium on Soul Music and Community in the UK June 27, 2012

Posted by wallofsound in Northern Soul.

Stomping Ground: How Northern Soul Built a Dance Community

There are a number of myths about the UK Northern Soul music culture which tend to disguise how soul fans have operated as a self-sustaining community over the last forty years. Drawing upon my own experience on the scene, and my published research, I’ll be highlighting three of these myths and examining how a networks of venues and DJs established a body of recorded music and forms of dance as the basis of the Northern Soul community. In doing so I want to ask some questions about the place of venues like Wigan Casino, the conventions of dancing at a Northern night and, perhaps most controversially, the role of class, gender and race on the Northern dance-floor.

I’ll be delivering a presentation on this theme at Symposium on Soul Music and Community in the Lord Mayor’s Parlour, Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square Manchester, M2 5DB

Details at: http://www.hssr.mmu.ac.uk/annual-research-programme/2011-12-community/northern-soul-community-memory-and-place/

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