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Tony Levin Discography 1990s December 2, 2009

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Elton Dean The Vortex Tapes 1990 (SLAM 1992 CD)

Elton Dean – alto sax
Trevor Watts – alto sax
Simon Picard – tenor sax
Jerry Underwood – baritone sax
Paul Rogers – double bass
Tony Levin – drums
First Impressions

Four other tracks with other bands led by Elton Dean

1. Second Thoughts
2. First Impressions
3. Going Fourth
4. Third Time Lucky
5. Taking the Fifth

Recorded at The Vortex London 24-28/9/1990

Mujician The Journey 1991 (Cuneiform Records)

Paul Dunmall (saxophone);
Keith Tippett (piano);
Paul Rogers (bass);
Tony Levin (drums)

The Journey (Dunmall/Levin/Roger)

European Jazz Ensemble European Jazz Ensemble meets the Khan Family, India 1992 MA Music – Hamburg CD A 807-2

feat: Joachim Kühn, Philip Catherine, Ustad Munir Khan –

European Jazz Ensemble 25th Anniversary Tour 1992 Konnex Records, Berlin KCD 5100

(18 musicians from 10 European countries)
including: Joachim Kühn, Paolo Fresu, Alan Skidmore, Daniel Humair, Charlie Mariano

Brother Joe 12:42
Fellini 8:17
Green Table Speech 12:32
Traveller 12:38
Bötz 3:02
Salinas & Missing a Page 13:55
Three in One 14:50

The Quartet Live in Prague 1992 P&J Records CD 101-1

Sophia Domancich Reve De Singe 1993 Gimini Music

Sophia Domancich (piano)
Paul Rogers (bass)
Tony Levin (drums)

Rêve de singe…7’49
Dji dji up…6’16
Cold shoulders 9’04
Blott on the landscape…9’44
Mon rêve familier…10’15
Lunch, the rabbit…8’59

Tony Levin & Paul Dunmall Spiritual Empathy 1994 Rare Music Recordings

Tony Levin, drums, percussion;
Paul Dunmall, alto and tenor saxophones.

Mandala 16.38
Centre dance 5.20
Circle of light 5.45
The faultless gaze 9.06
Dark centre 12.42

Recorded at Lanes End Studio, Kidderminster, on 15 December 1993 (Mandala) and on 6 May 1994 (all others).
Front cover wood engraving (reproduced above) by Paul Dunmall.

European Trumpet Summit European Trumpet Summit 1994 Konnex KCD5064

Enrico Rava (Trumpet),
Allan Botschinsky (Trumpet),
Jarmo Hoogendijk (Trumpet),
Manfred Schiek (Producer),
Thomas Heberer (Trumpet),
Ali Haurand (Bass),
Rob Van Der Broeck (Piano),
Tony Levin (Drums)

Brother Joe
Anna Sophia

Mujician Poem About the Hero 1994 (Cuneiform)

Paul Dunmall soprano, tenor saxophones
Keith Tippet grand piano, wood blocks, plastic pan pipes, pebble, maraca
Paul Rogers five string double bass
Tony Levin drums, percussion

First Verse 7:48
Second Verse 9:34
Third Verse 23:33
Fourth Verse 1:33
Fifth Verse 30:40

Paul Dunmall Quartet, Sextet and BABU Trio 1994 SLAMCD 207

Paul Dunmall,
Simon Picard tenor saxes,
Paul Rogers bass,
Tony Levin drums.

Sextet – add Jon Corbett cornet and John Adams guitar.

Paul Dunmall,
Paul Rogers bass,
Tony Levin drums.

Moths and Spiders
In the Haddock
The Devil’s Chair
Apocalypse NPW and Then
Trickly Hausen
Shun Fat
Separate Balls

Kenny Wheeler Dream Sequence 2003 Psi

Ray Warleigh (alto saxophone & flute)
Stan Sulzmann (tenor saxophone)
John Parricelli (electric guitar)
Chris Laurence (double bass)
Tony Levin (drums).

1. Until – Kenny Wheeler Quintet
2. Drum Sequence
3. Dream Sequence
4. Cousin Marie
5. Nonetheless – Kenny Wheeler Quintet
6. Flower Is a Lovesome Thing
7. Hearken
8. Kind Folks

Recorded 1995-2003 at Gateway Studio

Philippe Aerts Cat Walk 1995 Igloo IGL116

Philippe Aerts double bass
John Ruocco saxophone tenor & clarinet
Toni Levin drums

1 Hotel Seventeen 06:54
2 Stray line 07:29
3 Off minor 06:20
4 Cat walk 06:04
5 Ray’s pay 10:11
6 Airegin 06:48
7 Three for Alfy 06:21
8 Just one of those things 06:39
9 Chelsea bridge 11:40

Sophia Domancich L’annee Des Treize Lunes 1995 Seventh 15

Sophia Domancich (Piano)
Paul Rogers (Bass)
Tony Levin (Drums)

Three Of Louis
Annie, Pierre Et Les Enfants

Elton Dean Quartet Two’s And Three’s 1995 (Voiceprint 95 CD)

Elton Dean – alto sax, saxello
Paul Dunmall – tenor sax
Paul Rogers – double bass
Tony Levin – drums

1. The Duke

Other tracks by other groups led by Elton Dean
Recorded in 1989,

Elton Dean Silent Knowledge 1996 Cuneiform

Elton Dean (saxophone, alto saxophone);
Paul Dunmall (tenor saxophone);
Sophia Domancich (piano);
Tony Levin (drums).

Sound Awake
First in the Wagon
Trains for Tooting

The Premises, London, England (06/01/1995).

Mujician Birdman 1996 (Cuneiform Rune 82)

Keith Tippett-piano, woodblocks, pebble, chines
Paul Rogers-double bass
Tony Levin-drums, percussion
Paul Dunmall-alto, tenor saxophones, Chinese shenai

The Hands Are Just Shadows

Tony Oxley Celebration Orchestra Feat Bill Dixon Enchanted Messenger: Live from Berlin Jazz Festival 1996 Soul Note 121284-2

Johannes Bauer with Celebration Orchestra
Bill Dixon
Frank Gratkowski
Stefan Holker
Alexsander Kolkowski
Tony Levin
Marcio Mattos
Phil Minton
Tony Oxley
Ernst-ludwig Petrowsky
String Quart

Section 1 – 19

1994 Berliner Jazztage

Evan Parker, Paul Dunmall, Barry Guy, Tony Levin Birmingham Concert 1996 Rare Music

Evan Parker
Paul Dunmall
Barry Guy
Tony Levin

Lion (26:33)
Lets Get Across (10:13)
Aquatics (16:57)
Four Freedom Plus (20:08)

Paul Dunmall and Tony Levin Essential Expressions 1996 Cadence Jazz Records CJR 1079

Paul Dunmall
Tony Levin

Dots and Circles
I Found An Angel
It Must Be Loose
Essential Expressions
Secret Notes

Gerd Dudek Crossing Level 1997 Konnex KCD 5077

Gerd Dudek
Rob Van Den Broeck
Ali Haurand
Tony Levin

Old Folks (6:34)
Don Cherry (5:39)
Wishing Well (5:57)
Expressions (9:15)
Wave (Intro) /The Meaning of the Blues (11:01)
String Thing (4:32)
No More Chains (7:40)
Melancholia (6:14)
You Don’t Know What Love Is (6:26)

Mujician Colours Fulfilled 1998 (Cuneiform)

Paul Dunmall (soprano & tenor saxophones, clarinet, bagpipes);
Keith Tippett (piano);
Paul Rodgers (acoustic bass);
Tony Levin (drums).

Colours Fulfilled (Pt. 1) 11:25
Colours Fulfilled (Pt. 2) 23:59
Colours Fulfilled (Pt. 3) 26:07
Colours Fulfilled (Pt. 4) 5:58

Recorded at Gateway Studio, Kingston, England on May 18, 1997.

Sophia Domancich La Part des Anges 1997 Gimini Music

Sophia Domancich (piano)
Paul Rogers (bass)
Tony Levin (drums)

11 Juillet
La Part Des Anges
Sur Les Traces
Corbeau Carnivore
11 Juillet

Recorded July 1997 at Studio de Chennevieres.

European Jazz Ensemble 20th Anniversary Tour 1997 Konnex Records, Berlin KCD 5078

Paul Dunmall Desire and Liberation 1997

Paul Dunmall (tenor sax);
Simon Picard (tenor sax);
Gethin Liddington (trumpet);
Annie Whitehead (trombone);
Chris Bridges (trombone);
Keith Tippett (piano);
Paul Rogers (bass);
Tony Levin (drums)

Tenor Solo 8:59
Bass Solo 5:23
Trombone Duet 4:20
Tenor Solo [Picard] 6:54
Drum Solo 2:16
Trumpet Solo 5:16
Piano Solo 9:27

Tapestry Orchestra Live At Lemans (1998)

Paul Rutherford,
Paul Dunmall,
Elton Dean,
Louis Moholo,
Tony Levin
and others

Documents a live performance from May 1998

Paul Rogers Quartet Time of Brightness 1999

Paul Dunmall – Alto and Tenor Saxophone
Sophia Domancich – Piano
Paul Rogers – Five-String Double Bass
Tony Levin – Drums

Bear Moon I 10:03
Bear Moon II 8:13
Bear Moon III 12:31
Bear Moon IV 11:43
Time Of Brightness I 4:38
Time Of Brightness II 12:00

Paul Dunmall Octet Bebop Starburst 1999 Cuneiform RUNE112

Paul Dunmail, Simon Picard (tenor saxophone);
Gethin Liddington (trumpet);
Annie Whitehead, Chris Bridges (trombone);
Keith Tippett (piano);
Paul Rogers (bass);
Tony Levin (drums).

Bebop Starburst (Pt. 1) (:50)
Bebop Starburst (Pt. 2) (7:25)
Bebop Starburst (Pt. 3) (20:34)
Bebop Starburst (Pt. 4) (21:12)
Bebop Starburst, Pt. V (2:35)

Recorded at Gateway Studio, Kingston, United Kingdom on June 22, 1997. Includes liner notes by Bruce Coates.

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