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Tony Levin Discography 1970s December 2, 2009

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Alan Skidmore QuintetTCB 1970 Phillips

Alan Skidmore Tenor Saxophone
Mike Osborne Saxophone (tracks: B1-B4)
John Surman Saxophone (tracks: B1-B4)
Malcolm Griffiths Trombone
John Taylor Piano
Chris Laurence Bass
Tony Levin Drums

A1 Jack Knife
A2 Lantern Wood
A3 One On One Off
B1 T.C.B.
B2 Walk In And Dance Out
B3 A.J.
B4 And Think Again

Producer – Terry Brown

John Taylor Pause, And Think Again 1971 (FMR CD24-L1295)

Kenny Wheeler
Stan Sulzmann
Chris Pyne
Tony Levin

Pause (6:30)
White Magic (8:00)
And Think Again (7:30)
Awakening / Eye To Eye (9:30)
Interlude / Soft Winds (11:06)

Norma WinstoneEdge Of Time 1971

Norma Winstone : voice
Mike Osborne : alto saxophone
Art Themen : tenor saxophone
Henry Lowther : flugelhorn
Kenny Wheeler : trumpet
Chris Pyne : trombone
Malcolm Griffiths : trombone
Paul Rutherford : euphonium
John Taylor : piano

1. Edge of Time
2. Perkins Landing
3. Enjoy This Day
4. Erebus (Son of Chaos)
5. Songs for a Child
6. Shadows
7. Song of Love

John Taylor Trio Decipher MPS 1973

John Taylor (Piano);
Chris Lawrence (Bass);
Tony Levin (Drums)

1   Cipher / Wait For Me
2   Leaping
3   Speak To Me
4   Song For A Child
5   White Magic

Nucleus Labyrinth 1973 (Vertigo 6360 091) (Reissued on CD BGOCD567)

Ian Carr (tpt/flhn) ;
Kenny Wheeler (tpt/fghn) ;
Norma Winstone (voc) ;
Tony Coe (bcl/cl/ts) ;
Brian Smith (ts/ss/fl) ;
Dave MacRae (elp) ;
Gordon Beck (elp) ;
Roy Babbington (b) ;
Clive Thacker (d) ;
Tony Levin (d) ;
Trevor Tomkins (pc) ;
Paddy Kingsland (syn)

1. Origins (Carr)
2. Bull-Dance (Carr)
3. Ariadne (I.Carr/S. Carr)
4. Arena (Carr)
5. Arena (Carr)[continued]
6. Exultation (Carr)
7. Naxos (Carr)

Recorded March 1973 – Phonogram Studios, London Engineer Roger Wake – Producer Ian Carr & Roger Wake

Gordon Beck’s Gyroscope One, Two, Three….Go! 1974 Jaguar Records. JS2

Gordon Beck: Piano, Electric Piano
Tony Levin: Drums, Percussion
Ron Mathewson: Bass, Electric Bass
Frank Ricotti: Vibes, Percussion
Stan Sulzmann: Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute

Nice One (19:50)
Variations/1st Version (9:35)
Variations/2nd Version (10:55)
One, Two, Three…Go! (18:35)

All tracks recorded live on Capital Radio in London, England April 1974.
Only released on cassette.

Neil Ardley, Ian Carr, Mike Gibbs, Stan Tracey Will Power 1975 ORIGINAL ARGO LP ZDA 164/165 (1975) STEREO

Norma Winstone and Pepi Lemer (voices)
Kenny Wheeler (trumpet, flügelhorn)
Tony Coe (reeds)
Paul Buckmaster and Colin Walker (amplified celli)
Gordon Beck, John Taylor and
Stan Tracey (electric and acoustic keyboards)
Ron Matthewson (double bass)
Tony Levin (drums)
Trevor Tomkins (percussion)

Sonnet (Mike Gibbs)
Shall I Compare Thee (Neil Ardley)
Charade For The Bard (Neil Ardley)
Alas Sweet Lady (Stan Tracey)
Will’s Birthday suite (Ian Carr)

John Surman and Tony Levin Live at Moers Festival 1975 Moers 1006

A1 Element Of Surprise (12:28)
A2 Resulting Confusion (4:40)
A3 A Solution Found (7:19)
B1 Journey In Hope (10:21)
B2 Speedy Preparation (8:13)
B3 A Little German Clap And You Have It (5:19)

Moers Music momu 01006

Stan SulzmannOn Loan With Gratitude 1977 Mosaic Records GCM 772

Ron Mathewson (Bass, Bass Guitar)
Tony Levin (Drums, Percussion – 2)
John Taylor (Keyboards, E.m.s. Synthi – 2)
Stan Sulzmann (Saxophones, Flutes )

A1 G.R.S. (8:40)
A2 Anagram (14:20)
B On Loan With Gratitude (Parts 1, 2, 3) (22:14)

All compositions by Stan Sulzmann.
Recorded 8th April 1977 at BBC Kensington House, UK.
Engineers: Pete Freshney, Paul Nickson

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1. Nick Beason - January 12, 2010


MANY THANKS for putting this together. Any more like this ?
As a Brit living in the Untied States of America I have huge withdrawal symptoms from a lot of great music and players in Europe.
I’ve been a constant, huge fan of a lot of the British players since the mid ’60s and still have magic memories from the 70’s of driving up to London to the Phoenix at Cavendish Square – which is where I was first totally knocked out and hooked on John Taylor, Chris Laurence and Tony Levin, and, and, and, – magic moments, and brilliant players. Also got to see Oxley playing with the Quartet in Southampton, and so on.. Sorry to gush on so – I need to take an “absent from Europe for far too long” pill.
All the best,


2. Raymond Craus - July 22, 2010

Yes, these are very strong albums…Almost impossible to get an original copy nowadays (2010) Do you know Philippe Renaud´s book “Simply not cricket” (c) 1995 ? A fantastic and almost complete discography of the british Jazz scene from 1960 to1994….fantastic work !
I like albums like Sulzman´s On loan with gratitude or Ronnie Scott´s “Serious Gold” I have the copies on an old MC at least…True artistical music will never reach many people, but that doesn´t matter !

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