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Ballroom, Boogie, Shimmy Sham, Shake: A Social and Popular Dance Reader October 14, 2008

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My chapter on fad dances of the 50s and 60s should be out soon. I cover the Madison and the Twist in some detail. I have to say I loved producing this, in large part because Julie Malnig was such a great editor. The book has a great title as well. I haven’t read the other chapters myself yet, but it does look good overall. Amazon are promoting advanced copies here.

This is what the publisher’s publicity has to say:

“An incredibly needed volume for undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, and advisors in the field of dance. These essays afford compelling glimpses into communities dancing in particular places and times; the authors provide nuanced understandings of dancing as a means of forming identity and community.”
Ann Dils, co-editor of Moving History/Dancing Cultures: A Dance History Reader

“This invaluable volume covers an impressive range of genres, illuminating the liveliness and diversity of social dance. The book makes a unique contribution at a time when the field of dance studies is expanding to include forms other than Euro-American concert dance. An excellent book and a godsend for classroom use.”
Tricia Henry Young, director of the graduate program in American dance studies, Florida State University

This dynamic collection documents the rich and varied history of social dance and the multiple styles it has generated, while drawing on some of the most current forms of critical and theoretical inquiry. The essays cover different historical periods and styles; encompass regional influences from North and South America, Britain, Europe, and Africa; and emphasize a variety of methodological approaches, including ethnography, anthropology, gender studies, and critical race theory. While social dance is defined primarily as dance performed by the public in ballrooms, clubs, dance halls, and other meeting spots, contributors also examine social dance’s symbiotic relationship with popular, theatrical stage dance forms.Contributors are Elizabeth Aldrich, Barbara Cohen-Stratyner, Yvonne Daniel, Sherril Dodds, Lisa Doolittle, David F. Garcia, Jurretta Jordan Heckscher, Constance Valis Hill, Karen W. Hubbard, Tim Lawrence, Julie Malnig, Carol Martin, Juliet McMains, Terry Monaghan, Halifu Osumare, Sally R. Sommer, May Gwin Waggoner, Tim Wall, and Christina Zanfagna.



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