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Flower For Albert (yes again) June 28, 2007

Posted by wallofsound in David Murray, Jazz.

David Murray quoted in Howard Mandel Future Jazz, page 50:

“Critics always compare me to Albert Ayler too, but I’ll tell you the truth, man, I don’t think I’ve sounded like Albert Ayler for one minute. I like what he did, but the reason I dedicated ‘Flowers for Albert’ to him was, I was walking down by the East River [near where the murdered Ayler’s corpse was found] one day, I’d just finished talking to Sunny Murray [a drummer for Ayler, but not kin to David], and I started whistling that tune. I came home, wrote it down, and because of my conversation with Sunny Murray I dedicated it to Ayler. I never met the cat. That’s as close as I’ve come. But everybody started jumping on the bandwagon.”



1. Dubber - June 29, 2007

You might be onto something here, Tim. But let’s take it one step further… Do you think it might be possible that David Murray is not actually entirely influenced by Albert Ayler?

If only there was some evidence to support that theory…

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