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Andrew Hill April 24, 2007

Posted by wallofsound in Jazz.

I was very sad to hear about the death of Andrew Hill. Particularly as he seemed to belatedly receiving some of the recognition that had eluded him when he made some of the most outstanding recordings of the late 1960s. Even though he was making fine records in the 1970s , and some remarkably adventurous releases in the 1980s for Soul Note, he never seemed to get the media profile other attained. Perhaps he never offered accessibility on the one hand, nor extremes on the other.

There’s a suitably reverent post at http://destination-out.com/?p=102

It’s also sad that we are often spurred to recommend listening when we remember someone at their death. I should have made more effort when he was alive. Nevertheless, along with his 60s Blue Note recordings, may I recommend 1975’s Spiral with Lee Konitz on Arista/Freedom, and 1986’s Shades with Clifford Jordon on Soul Note. If you missed these, celebrate Hill’s off-kilter playing, and his intellectual yet powerfully emotional music with some quiet reflection.

There’s a great discography at http://www.jazzdiscography.com/Artists/Hill/hill-disc.htm



1. Andrew Dubber - April 24, 2007

Congratulations on your first real blog post. And yeah — I was sorry to hear about Andrew Hill. I met him briefly when he came out to New Zealand. Saw him in a small wine cellar jazz club in Auckland. Really great.

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